Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Buff Brothers: Alvie and Carmine

There's not just one,, but two beautiful buff boys in this batch ! It's tricky to tell them apart, but I think I've got it down now. Alvie Pettibone is on top. His chin is a little more pointed. Carmine Pettibone is on the bottom. His head is a little rounder and wider.


  1. Why must you torture us so? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? :p

    They are 2 very handsome and sweet little guys. Carmine's pointy little tail is the cutest thing! :D

  2. Hi Alvie, Hi Carmine, it's great to meet such a sweet pair of guys.

    PS: Carmine has a hint of Porter-ness about him I think.

  3. Oh boy these puss cats are just so gorgeous ... so handsome.


  4. Whar purrfectly adorable boys!

  5. During my tenure as an IBKC addict, I have seen so many absolutely gorgeous baby kitties grace this blog out of the graciousness of Laurie to share these babies with us. Each litter has had its own beauty, each kitten I have seen beautiful.

    Is it me, or does this Pettibone bunch have such unusual coloring and markings, that their beauty is not only unique but almost ethereal? Gorgeous would be an understatement.

  6. The Pettibones do seem to have a slightly different kind of beauty, Awen. I think that if we could approach the world the way we come to the IBKC, perhaps we'd learn to recognize the beauty that we are taught is in everyone. So here's my goal: I want to try to look at other people through a LAURIE LENS.

  7. Nicely said, Anne - it is remarkable how many times I go to the IBKC for a switch in mindsets during a stressful day (and lately most days are stressful).
    Now - these boys are so handsome! But beware - there is a touch of mischief in each one's eyes!
    And Laurie - you may be able to tell them apart this week - but you know all too well how fast kittens' head shapes and chins can change!

  8. oh to sit on the floor amongst these Pettibone babies and play!!!! They are all beautiful.

    The sad thing is they don't look so young so we wont get to share them very long. The Picketts spoiled us becuase we had them for a long time.

    Anne B - what a wonderful concept to look at people (and maybe life in general) through Laurie's Lense. Everything would be beautiful because these kitties bring a smile to our face every time!
    Therefore - the name of the book should be - Through Laurie's Lense

  9. Oh my goodness I want to snuggle them! My friend Mark refers to the urge to snuggle kitties as "kitty huffing".... it's a serious addiction and I need my fix!

  10. OMG! These fellers look very similar... we're just going to have to wait for their little personalities to come out, right?

    Are the Pettibones all one litter, or are they from different litters? On Rosalie's intro you called them "friends" so I was wondering.

  11. What gorgeous dilute coats in this Pettibone family!
    Another adorable batch... and as always, the light in the pictures make them eerilie crisp and clear.

    Bravo kittehs :)

  12. Oh yes, Dani - your beau has it right. "Kitty huffing"; but instead of a problem, we should spread it! That way people who may not realize they really *need* a cat in their lives will get it! *I* think these two should find a forever home together - wouldn't you just LOVE to see them, as grownup boys, moving through the house? They look like wraiths (but yes, I see that electric spark in those innocent eyes!) SO sweet!

  13. I am having a hard time with this one!!! I have totally fallen in love with ALVIE and keep picturing him as the perfect little brother for Alice - and her brother Dude - but I will be the "weird cat lady" if I kept up that rate since they are only 8 month old! how many kitties would I have in 5 years!!!

  14. Such soft colored coats Alvie and Carmine have!

    And their determinedly "I AM INNOCENT" expressions are just great.

    Time will tell if it is just camouflage.....

    The Pettibones are adorable.....any more or can I go prop myself up in a corner for a while?

  15. All kittens are beautiful, but this bunch is all just total stunners!

    Fighting urge to gobble up Alvie for breakfast...

  16. Distinguished gentlemen with such fitting names! Oh how I wish I could snuggle them up.

    You've got it right, Dani - this is a serious addiction! A blog like this has more staying power than lolcats, if only for the emotional involvment. (That's where they get you).

  17. Be still, my heart!

    These two are handsome beyond words.

  18. If kitty huffing is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    Bring on the snorgles!

  19. someday you will tell all of us amature kittypic snappers

  20. Two more Pettibones! These boys are so handsome!!

    To all you IBKC fans, I felt like the luckiest person in the world ~ I spent time with Laurie, Kim & Sue yesterday! I was hoping to meet the Pettibones too ~ that would have been too good to be true. But I did meet Kim's infamous Nate & Tate. Also very handsome boys, and very well-mannered around her bunnies!!

    I know I'm not alone in wanting to hear more about the newest IBKs. So far, I think Carmine is my favorite boy!

  21. holey hell, they are absolutely beautiful...too pretty to be boys.

  22. Oh, anne b! How lovely!
    I've added a recurring "to do" to my morning routine... "Look at life through a Laurie lens." Thank you!

    It's especially true for people, but it can apply to other things as well... like finding the bit of beauty or specialness in the mundane activities of life.

    Shana, I am green with jealousy!

    And Dani, tell Mark he gave a bunch of kitteh huffers their LOL for the day!

  23. Oh, and the boys are just beautiful!! Carmine, Alvie... can't wait to get to know you!

    I got swept away by today's comments! I swear I come here just as much for the community as the beautiful bebes!

  24. Look at that stink eye!!

    Absolutely adorable :)

  25. Oh how cute! Twin buff fuzzies. :) Those are great names, by the way.

    Just out of curiosity, are they buff tabbies or that true tan color all over? Either way, cuuute!

  26. I think you'd have to say they are buff tabbies but the tabby is mighty subtle. These boys look rock solid too. For the moment at least, I'd almost say they are "stocky" with none of the lanky, legginess of say, (sob) Twyla. I do wonder if Twyla has left the building.



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