Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No More Nadine...and Bye Bye Beulah Mae !

Charlene heard the kitties crying from their bedroom this morning and decided she needed to wake me up. I went downstairs, prepared breakfast and put it into four kitten-sized dishes. When I opened the door to their bedroom, only three kitties came racing out. I waited for a moment, then looked behind the door for the missing babe. Oh, duh. Of course there are only three, Nadine doesn't live here anymore !



Yes, Nadine left the nest, but she didn't fly solo. She was the lucky kitty who found a home along with Mama Cat, Belulah Mae! They have a wonderful new mom who is so thrilled to have them. There's a vet in the family too, so in addition to all the love they will receive, they will be provided with premium health care as well.

beulah mae pickett

I am especially thrilled for Beulah Mae. I know it hasn't been easy for her. Her world has been pretty small and I know she's excited to stretch her legs, explore her new surroundings and get started on her new life.

So long lovely lady Picketts. You will be missed!!


  1. Good bye Nadine and mama cat Beulah..that was so fast to leave us without saying goodbye..I am so glad you found a wonderful family..Hope they will keep us posted.. Lots of purrrr and cuddles sent to your new home -- Jeanne

  2. I'm feeling a little weepy over this, but it's in a good way, sort of. I'd be really interested to know how Beulah May and Nadine reacted to each other after being apart for such a while (wasn't Beulah still at Kim's after the weaning?) I wonder if they had to get reacquainted or if it was all joy. After all, they were not quite the same two that went their separate ways a while back.

  3. anne b,, even though mama was over at kims, the kitties and mama did mingle.

  4. Bye girls, send pictures soon please!

  5. I'm so happy for them, it's so sweet they'll be together in such a good home. We'll miss their pictures, but Beulah Mae deserves a life of laps and love with her little girl.

  6. Aww Good News!!

    Nadine was one of my fav kitties of this batch...

    Glad she got a new family to take care of her and mum!

  7. So happy to hear they have found good homes. Loved the segment on Evening Magazine and to find your blog. Wonderful photos.


  8. I welled up reading about Beulah going to her forever home. So happy for her and esp that she gets to have Nadine with her.

  9. How wonderful for them both, even if it is bittersweet to say goodbye. Congratulations, Laurie, Craig, Kim, Sue, and Humane Society staff!

    In the first picture, Nadine is looking right at the camera with her gorgeous wide eyes. "I am an adorable kitten and you will submit to it." Her tiny mittens are showing to good effect.

    In the next, she's sprawled on a chair and also looking up at the camera. "Now's a good time to play with me or pet me." Her expectation of loving attention is clearly spelled out here. I think she knows how gracefully she has arranged her long, tapering tail against one of her hind legs. A ballet dancer who's studied for years would envy that natural and effortless grace.

    Said tail, by the way, has a lot of black on in which isn't present on the rest of her body. We have calls in to check if perhaps she picked up a darker tabby's tail at a tail trading party.

    In the next, we see her on a bed. The bed's size context shows very clearly what an itty bitty kitty she is, even if her personality is approximately 8451.187 times her phsyical size.

    The last shows lovely Beulah Mae lying on her side. Her fur looks so tremendously soft, almost more like rabbit fur than cat fur. She looks every inch a lovely and gracious lady cat. The top of her head has fine, dark markings in her fur that seem to indicate "Petting spot here," rather like signs along the street say "Scenic outlook."

  10. Man-o-man Happy news for Beulah Mae and Nadine...

    It is a bittersweet happening.
    Loves to Nadine and her Mama - I hope your family will help send updates on you to your IBKC house-mother!

    Thanks so much for the joy you have (and will!) provide.

  11. Fare thee well, pretty ladies! We hope to get updates from you soon. Special scritches to Beulah Mae, who was such a wonderful mother, and who has definitely earned her "happily-ever-after."

  12. I love hearing about kitties getting forever homes!

  13. Bye bye, Nadine and Beulah -- I was esp. hoping that Beulah would find a good home in which she'd be comfy. I sure hope that Twyla gets a nice home too. She's got kind of a funny face in such a cute little way, I was sure she'd be snatched up right away!

  14. Goodbye little mitten paws!

  15. Bye Bye Beulah Mae and little Nadine, I wish you the very best of luck in your new home.May it be filled with love and fun forever!

    Hope Twyla finds a great home soon!

  16. Goodbye Nadine & Mama Beulah! I know you will have loads of fun and lots of love in your new home!

    Send pics! =^)

  17. *beams* Yay for Nadene and Momkitty Beulah Mae finding a home together! Tortie+torbie+loving forever family=purrfect. :)

    And yes please, send updates!

  18. Via con dios, beautiful Beulah Mae. You are a truly awesome kitty, and I'm thrilled that your darling Nadine is with you. What a great life you're going to have.

    As for the wonderful TV segment, I've lost count of how many times I've watched it, and I know I'll be watching it again and again.

    The only way it could've been better is if the Fabulous Miss Butterbean had made the cut. As it is, it's obvious her natural talent and charm won over the crew. What a girl!!!

  19. Bon Voyage Nadine and Bulah Mae! Hopefully we will continue to get updates on you, I'm so thrilled to know they are going to a wonderful home.

  20. Aw Mama Beulah and Baby Nadine! I so want to squoosh them! And so happy things turned out so well for a single mother :-D

  21. How sweet! Does Twyla miss her Nadine? And Mama cat (I adore the name Beulah!).

    Thanks for being an incredibly huge inspiration to me - I just am finishing up fostering my FIRST groupn of kittens! Its been a wonderful and crazy good time and I had NO IDEA it would be ridiculously hard it would be when the time was right for them to be adopted!

  22. Parting is such sweet sorrow! But the parting is the goal of the ibkc.

    anne b, cant' speak for the Picketts, but when we adopted out our Bitty's little ones, my niece and nephew took two of the kittens. They brought them back for visits, irregularly. Even after weeks'n'weeks, after a quick sniff, Bitty and kittehs commenced to playing, grooming, etc.

  23. Oh, how dear! What lucky people they are, to have Mommy and Baby together in a forever family! (The pictures are - as always - perfectly wonderful!) and yes, I'll add my plea for updates, if you'd be so kind?

  24. Rebecca - knowing that at least one person was inspired to foster as a result of this blog warms the cockles of my heart. I hope your message will inspire another. And another. Thank you for being willing to have your heart broken just a wee little bit for the greater good. You have made a difference. You should be proud.

  25. AnnF,, lovely descriptions... as always.

    Rebecca,, Oh, that's so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. There are always tears with each kitten,, but they are so worth it. : ) Way to go !

    Everyone... yes,, let's hope we get updates.. i'll let you know for sure if we do!

    Sue... well said. my cockles are warmed as well.

  26. I am so tickled that Nadine and Beulah Mae are going together to a wonderful home! The Picketts are a very special family with strong personalities - the sweetest are Mama Beulah Mae and baby Nadine.
    Dear Forever Family - enjoy these two, and please send us word (and pictures!) now and again.
    Bless all of you who foster...and those of you who adopt!

  27. Yay, I am so happy to read that mama and baby are being loved together!



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