Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Poutiest Pickett

pickets 205
I think the Poutiest Pickett award goes to Nadine, with Lovell being a very close second.
OK,, all together now.. all you Picketts POUT !!!


  1. oh Pouty Lovel... Pouty Nadine...Pouty Beulah Mae...pout pout pout...you are ALL so Pouuutteee...What a wonderful face on the last pics.. -- Jeanne

  2. I could snuggle those pouts for hours!

  3. Oh, so very adorable! Pouting Picketss...

    I love the way that the champions are so different in their pouting. Lovell has a very determined pout, especially because his eyes are half-closed. His pout says, "Arumft. This is Not Acceptable."

    Nadine, on the other hand, uses her feminine wiles and soft coloration to pout sweetly, with her head tilted.

    In the third photo, Nadine is pouting sweetly, complete with head tilt, Lovell is pouting in disgruntlement, and Beulah Mae is lying on her side, Cleopatra style, showing off her Egyptian cat narrow face, and pouting in a very femme fatale way, "Come hither...if you dare."

  4. Now then you young Picketts, please understand that you have absolutely nothing to pout about. You are being fostered by loving folks who give you the best of care, you will all go to excellent forever homes and most of the internet adores you...

    So, lets have an end to that pouting please ;)

  5. OMG! [thunk]

    I has been pouted to pieces by Pouty Pickett pouts!

  6. Well said, annf! It looks as if Nadine may keep those beautiful very round blue eyes which, coupled with her pout, will get her anything she wants. Lovell's eyes are hard to describe as he squints a lot. They look sort of blue and maybe slightly crossed. He looks like me when I've neglected to use my Restasis regularly. Nadine's ears are still slightly round while Lovell's are becoming more like big-boy ears framing that magnificent broad forehead. "Cleopatra style" is such a great description of Beulah Mae.
    Pickett love.

  7. What IS it about pouty/grumpy animals that is just soooo funny and cute?!

  8. Lovell looks a lot like a red-headed little boy learning how to wink.

    Winking & Pouting is a hard combo to beat!

    And pretty, precious, pouty Nadine, with her beautiful fluffy white ruff under her chin.

  9. Awww... I am slain by the kyoot!

  10. Beulah Mae, you have a very Egyptian kitty look on your face, darling. You're such a beautiful girl.

    Pout on precious Picketts!

  11. Oh my goodness, that first picture absolutely kills me! I wonder what my always-angry-looking cat Rosie looked like at this age...was she a pouter, too?

  12. You know, it takes a very secure kitty to pout; someone less secure might worry that they be deemed ungrateful. But it's true - THOSE pouting Picketts? I would give them anything!

  13. The level of disapproval here far exceeds that of the disapproving rabbits.


  14. Lovell looks like he needs to sneeze. Maybe you should get out the pepper, and then he'll stop being so pouty?

  15. Lovell has the look of Disapproving Rabbit!

  16. Ah, folks, you've said it all! annf, you are a descriptive champ! You and anne b have me looking back to see what I missed. And I'm sure chanter loves it!

    And now, back to the pouting picketts... *swoon.*




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