Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Month Review

Ruth Anne Pickett

It's hard to believe, but The Picketts will be one month old on Thursday. This is the first batch of fosters we've had who haven't been hand fed. It's amazing to see how much faster they grow and develop with a mama cat to feed them. Lovell is already over a pound. Usually they hit the one pound mark after five weeks. Even though Ruth Anne is considerably smaller at 11 ounces, she still weighs about what a kitten should at that age. So even our runt is big!

They are all so stable, strong and playful now. They love to run, climb and wrestle. Lovell is even using the litter box! Remarkable!

They are interacting with us humans a lot more too! Twyla loves to be cupped in your hands and held. She'll just sit there looking at you until she dozes off. Nadine loves to have her broad belly tickled. They all love to climb up and sit on your lap.

Because we got these kittens so young, I thought we would have them a very long time. At the rate they are going, they'll be out the door in record time!
Nadine Pickett
Jerry Lee Pickett
Lovell Pickett
Twyla Pickett


  1. Beautiful. Times five.

  2. Such perfect babies! It's hard to believe they left the cattery almost a month ago!

    Congrats to Beulah for being such a great mama. And many thanks to Kim and Laurie for taking such great care of them all!

    Happy Belated Birthday again, Kim!!

  3. I love every litter that comes your way, but the Picketts are just so unique with their 5 toesies, stubbular tail and their wonderful markings! They are going to be awesome big kitties!

    Purry Hugs, Robin

  4. aaaaahhhh.... ONE month already?!?!?they are soooo beautiful..want to cuddle and squeeeezze them alll..sooo cute -- Jeanne

  5. It seems that every city needs a IBKC to make sure all the kit babes are being raised well and being adopted to such great families!

  6. I can't believe how cutie they are!!!! Where's our fave mamacat, tho? *pouts*

  7. I'm going to have to get out my thesaurus so I won't keep using the same superlatives over and over. Little Ruth Anne stands out because she's the only black one (with terrific dashes of white here and there. Nadine and Jerry Lee look so much alike but Jerry Lee still has that funny down turned mouth, maybe trying to look tough since meanie butts might tease him about his lack-o-tail. Of course Lovell is a standout because he's the butterscotch sundae in the bunch, and the lovely Twyla with her fabulous facial markings. Is that what makes her eyes look a bit closer together, I wonder? I can hardly stand it!

  8. What an angelic look on Ruth Anne's face!

    All of them are so stunning. Such lovely babies Of course, I am partial to Lovell the Lovie. It's a Marmie thing. I was delighted to see that my Marmie is featured on www.stuffonmycat.com today. He's the Marmie in the box. :)

  9. Oh the sheer loveliness of them all!

    I swear little Nadine knows something that she just isn't telling us about ;)

  10. Lovell has a very wide nose, he looks very "lionish". Grrrr.

  11. ooh how big they are! beautiful, snorgable, just delectable. all sugar! weeeeeee!

  12. I love Jerry Lee! Absolutely love the little guy!

    They are all adorable, but he has my heart!

  13. I don't remember exactly how I found your site - but I love seeing the kitties - so sweet and lovable - you are doing a wonderful thing - thank you for sharing it!

  14. I'd just add that Nadine is very carefully showing off how her white mitten has one grey finger. Truly a note of distinction for an elegant kitten.

    She looks like she was in the middle of a good kneading session on the fuzzy blue blanket when the photo was taken and is looking up with a very beguiling air and that irrestistible kitten head tilt.

  15. I'm with Ashe - it WOULD be wonderful if every place had an IBKC. But what a rare combination of patience, love, tenderness and merriment, together with a Charlene Butterbean and gift (I say GIFT) with the camera..... How did Mama Beulah get on with Charlene Butterbean? Your house must be some kind of Kitty Paradise is all I can say....

  16. *contented sigh*
    Heading off to bed after an unusually late night, with visions of little picketts dancing in my head.
    Hugs and snuggles to all the bebes... especially tiny Ruth Anne (my mother-in-law's namesake).

  17. What a way to start my day - after cuddles with my furry girls of course!!

    Beulah is probably happy that someone is there to HELP with the baths!

    And I do love that expressive tail in the first photo.

    My only complaint is that time flies....and its too bad there are so many kittens in need all the time. Thanks for your love and dedication!

  18. Happy month birthday, kitties!
    I love you all - but must admit Ruth Ann has stolen a huge hunk of my heart.
    Snorgles and lots of kittyfood cake for you all!!!



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