Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Their Merry Little Way...

sleeping lester
With every single batch of kittens, we always worry that we won't be able to find wonderful families to adopt our babies. Every single time, it works out.

Today we had a meet and greet with potential adopters, and I am happy to announce that every single Merriweather found a home. And VERY good homes, I might add.

Mitchell, Ursula and Jeffrey ALL got adopted together! Foster mama Sue, of course, was thrilled. The family that adopted them is warm and wonderful and I couldn't imagine a happier home for the three of them to grow up in.

Lester and Dot got scooped up by a lovely young couple. It was clear they were kind and sensitive animal people. I know they are going to give their kitties oodles of love and the very, very best of care.

So it's goodbye to the Merriweathers. We will miss you dearly, especially your mama Sue, who I guarantee has shed many a tear for you today. Not just sad ones because you're gone, but lots of happy ones too when she imagines you snuggled into your new homes, all happy, cozy and most importantly, together.

On behalf of the IBKC, I would like to give a HUGE heartfelt thank you to our adoptive families. Not just for adopting the kitties, but for reminding us that there are, and always will be, plenty of good people out there. And thank you too to all of our IBKC readers that share this blog with their friends and families, which insures these fabulous folks will always find their way to us. Thank you, thank you, all of you.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful news! These kitties go to their forever homes accompanied by lots of love and snorgles by a huge following of fans. New families - pictures now and again - please?

  2. What really lovely news! My kitties are siblings as are my dogs. Kitties are easier when there's more than one as kitties are such natural snugglers. Dogs are darling together too,but it's more than twice as hard to train two at the same time, so neither of mine is destined for the obedience trials.
    Nice going IBKC for finding just the luckiest people for the Merriwethers. Bless them and their new families, and BLESS YOU SUE and the committee.

  3. I wish Mitchell and his new family love and hearts full of kindness. May i be so lucky to have a kitten or two as amazing as i imagined him and his siblings to be. xo

  4. Oh, hooray! Congratulations to these newly expanded families.

    Our motto has always been, "If you get two they can play together," which is how we ended up with five at one time (I know, odd number - long story), but we've never been sorry.

    Bringing home siblings really is a wonderful idea, as it helps ease the transition and they have someone to wrassle with and expend all that enormous kitten energy on.

  5. Bye Bye little Merryweathers, you have great lives ahead of you with loving families! It's been lovely to see you all growing up and being cared for so well :)

  6. Bye, Merriweathers! You're going to make two families very, very happy!

  7. Well, there's a guarantee of "Merry Weather" in all those homes - and yes, taking more than one at the start is VERY wise!! (ask me how I know - Evvie and Lilliane are NOT siblings!) "Natural snugglers", Anne B? From your lips to God's ears! {grin} Even so, two IS good, and company is company.

  8. Yay! What fantastic news! I am so happy! Bless you, Sue and the IBKC for taking such good care of kittehs and finding them wonderful homes!

  9. >^_^<

    Au revoir, cuties! And hugs to the wonderful adoptive parents!

  10. Congratulations to Foster Mama Sue and all her itty bitties! It was a pleasure to meet them!

  11. Congrats Sue!!!

  12. I've always felt that cats should be adopted in groups - they need the social interaction. Lucky, lucky Merriweathers! Yay!

  13. Yay!!! That is fantastic news!

  14. Fantastic news and so great to see them go to a wonderful home together..Plzzzz keep us update on how they got on..especially Mitchell (i always have a weakness for him...)..and many many thanks to IBKC for giving those little fellows such a good start in life -- Jeanne

  15. i love to stop by the itty bitty kitty committee for a dose of cute. it must be heart breaking having to say goodbye to these little cuties all the time but you do a great job. keep up the good work!



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