Monday, May 26, 2008

Have a Relaxing Holiday !

Jerry Lee, Lovell andTwyla Pickett
Hooray for three day weekends ! No plans for Memorial Day BBQs for the IBKs. Just napping, that's all.

OH... and Just a friendly reminder,, today is the last day for the last day to enter the caption contest . There are a lot of great captions,, but I know many of you clever people haven't thrown your hat into the ring yet. Ahem.. what about you Dale Harriet.. or Alicia....?
You've got until midnight....


  1. This IBKs have got the right idea about Memorial Day fun. Nap is my favorite activity.

  2. That is one SMART trio of kittens!

    I am in awwwwwww......of that picture, even if I did have to click the link to the flickr site!

    I love the IBK's!

  3. OY! NO PRESSURE OR NUTHIN'!! {ahem} Well, just so you know, I've done my part on the Nap front; even before I saw our pooped Picketts I stretched out with Evangeline and we had a litte post-lunch snooze. Well - it was about four hours, is it still a nap at that length? (You could earn up some extra money for treats, you know, by having the Picketts give Power Nap lessons...)

  4. Pickett cuteness overload!

    I need a nap!

  5. LOL, anne b! I've called napping my favorite hobby for years... learned it from my kittehs! (They are often smarter than we, kbj.)

    d-h, of course it's a nap! If wasn't your normal sleeping time, and especially if it felt sinfully self indulgent, it's a nap. Hey, it's a good indulgence... no weight gain, no hangover!

    Yes indeed, viabloomington, big time PCO!! *kaboom*

  6. Just feel like joining those lovely kitties for a nap...they look so comfortable..(yawnnnn...)... Jeanne

  7. Oh no, called out by name! It's hard to come up with captions when I'm busy making sure that Maddie doesn't gulp up Sophie's food at lunch, eat the houseplants, or take flying leaps off too high places.

    Really, I was satisfied with cloudstomp's "orange crush soda" caption! Very funny!



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