Friday, May 30, 2008

And the Winner is....

"Quick! He's not looking - put that treat heeeeeeeeeerre."

Capturing nearly a third of all the votes,, Dale-Harriet wins the Caption the Kitty Contest. Congratulations Dale-Harriet!! Like I said before,, there are no actual prizes... but you do have the satisfaction of knowing that all those folks out there following this blog think YOUR entry was the best. If for any reason, you won't be able to fulfill your duties as the caption contest winner, the crown will be passed to our first runner up, Anne Boleyn.

Thanks to all who played along! There were lots of gems,,nice work, folks.

Dale-Harriet,, would you care to post an acceptance speech in the comment section?


  1. So many funny hard to choose. Congratulations Dale-Harriet!!! While there are no prizes, I do hope that Jerry Lee does get a treat right heeeerrrrre! But too be fair, Lovell should get one, too!
    Laurie, how many votes were there in the end? I saw the count in the 300s.
    How many hits a day does this blog get? I will wager those numbers are rising as word about the IBKC spreads!

  2. Congratulations to my friend Dale-Harriet. Please, please, when you're on vacation can I wear the kitty crown, can I, huh? And what you don't know is that while there is no first prize, second prize is TWYLA!

  3. Annf and her heimlich... 39 (9%)

    Amanda's forbidden love 35 (8%)

    Chanter's heavy brother...15 (3%)

    Meow.. finished vegetables..35 (8%)

    Anne Boleyn's tail .. 63 (15%)

    Awen's tough love... 8 (1%)

    Anne Bryant's pillows... 18 (4%)

    Lynda's bow tie... 37 (8%)

    YDOD and The Orange Crush 39 (9%)

    Dale-Harriet's treat 130 (31%)

    Toatal of 419 Votes

  4. Congrats Dale-Harriet! Wear the crown proudly... and share with anne b sometimes, too. ;-)

    And congrats to all the submitters... the ibkc fans make this such a fun blog! (Of course your inspired pics and narrative on the beautiful itty bits helps, too, Laurie... LOL!).

  5. Thanks for such a fun contest, Laurie. That photo is absolutely precious, and many of the captions made me laugh out loud.

    I totally agree with kleinwort about the crown (yay dale-harriet + anne boleyn!) and the joy of this blog. Coming here every day is a major treat.

  6. {{Ahem}} (is this thing on?) Ladies and Gentlemens, thank you so much for your votes (I liked ALL of them, but Anne B's best, and I am not making that up!) is only fair that I give credit where due and reveal that I did have some assistance in thinking up my caption abot the treat. So I consulted the resident Experts on Stuff Cats Say (that would be Evangeline-the-Mannerly and Lilliane, known as "Nom-Nom")who offered suggestions. After a brief meeting for a round of "awww, look at dem" and "oooh they're so SWEET" we three settled down to determine what Jerry Lee's saying.
    Evvie: "I think he's just yawning".
    Lil: "That's not funny!"
    Ev: "Oh, it has to be funny?"
    Then I got an idea, and I prompted the girls: "What do you always say right after breakfast? Or, you know, when I get up to visit the bif at 3:00 AM?" Two kitty blank stares. Me: "Oh come ON!!"
    Then, with a little mumbling, sky-gazing, pondering and eyeballing, we came up with the "treat heeeeeere" idea as I hear some version of that many, many times daily. (Ev: "you do not, Mom!" Lil: "yes, she do, Ev, on account of we're the ones saying it, neener neener")
    Following a vigorous game of "Catch Me and I'll Bite You" peace reigned and I typed it in. I'm SO glad it was found to be entertaining - it's the least I can do in exchange for the delight, merriment and joy the IBK bring to me every single day!

  7. I enjoyed the offerings - and paws-up to Dale-Harriet and Ann Boleyn

    It was a hard choice to make, for sure!

    But NOT a hardship to keep visiting the IBK site - ever....


  8. Bouquets of roses and chest banners too for Dale-Harriet and Evangeline and Lilliane. A lovely speech that is sure to bring us closer to world peace. I am humbled (well, sort of) by your gracious recognition of my offering.
    LONG LIVE THE IBKC and its groupies!

  9. Laurie
    Thanks for reporting there were 419 votes...That is terrific! I am fascinated by the reach of the IBKC!!!

  10. I have a question: I too have a D40 at home, but I can never capture my cats yawning, it always comes out blurry... of course the lighting isn't too good in my apt.

    So, HOW DO YOU IT?
    Any special magical incantation you'd care to share? Voodoo? Sacrifices to the Nikon Gawd?

    Or is lighting simply gorgeous in your house?

  11. Congratulations to Dale-Harriet and her team of resident experts! Long may you reign! (Or at least as much as a human living with cats can be said to reign, since the cats claim absolute sovreignty.)



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