Monday, April 14, 2008

I Have so Much to Tell You, I Don't Even Know Where to Begin

1. Porter and Fergus had their surgery Thursday. Every thing went just fine.
2. On Saturday, Fergus moved in with his new parents. It sounds like he's comfortable there already. He even attended a dinner party with his parents and was the quite a hit. He's such a well adjusted boy. I am so proud of him!
3. Clementine is over her bug and went in for her surgery this morning. She'll come home this afternoon.
4. Porter and Clementine will go to their new homes this weekend, for sure.
5. All of the Holsteins got adopted last week. Lionel and Patty Cake went solo, Emmett, Rita and Winnie all went together. Patty Cake will live next door to Emmett, Ritta and Winnie. All have FABULOUS parents. Sue was very sad to say goodbye to these precious kittens, but is so happy they have such loving families to live with.
6. We have five kittens and a mama cat. Yup. I'll have details tomorrow.. but here are a few teaser pictures. The babies are 6 days old and they are teeny-weenie. Mama cat is such a sweet, sweet, sweet girl.




  1. Hi lovely, smiling Momma Cat, Hi itty bitty kitties!

  2. Great news all around - I am so happy for the kitties who have found their forever homes - and especially thrilled there will be a herd of Holsteins!
    And I can just see Gentleman Fergus at his dinner party!
    Pictures, new parents, please!
    I can't wait to meet (and fall in love with, I am sure)the new IBKs and their Mom.
    You guys are the greatest for fostering!!!!!!!

  3. OMG! an orange one! Is it a boy or girl? Sam may be getting a little fur-sibling!

  4. Congrats on all the adoptions! And what a beautiful new batch o' babies. I'm so glad they have mommy with them.

    Can't wait to see all the new pics.

  5. omg! new itty bitty kitties! already! i actually squealed.

  6. Hi Laurie. Pam and I will drive up immediately. How long does it take to get there? 2 hours? OK, we'll be there at 7.


  7. OMG! I can't believe there are more kitties. I know that's a sad thing, because people don't spay and neuter as they should, but so wonderful to have kitty peoples like yourselves to help take care of them....can't wait to see them and of course, their names!!!!!

    Purry Hugs,


  8. OMG more kitties!

    Is it much different fostering a litter with a momma cat? It looks like they're nursing so does that give you a break from bottle duty?

  9. Oohhh, Momma Cat is so lovely and beautiful! Her eyes are so sweet, and she seems to enjoy motherhood well.

    And wee babies!

  10. Welcome home, and congratulations to all the fortunate new parents.
    The teeny-weenies' eyes aren't even open yet. Are they in for a surprise! They've landed in such an exquisitely loving home.

    This is my first batch to observe from the beginning, and what fun it's going to be to watch them be launched.

  11. Oh my LORD! A whole new batch! And there is a marmelade!

    Thank you for being such great foster parents IBKC ladies. And for giving these kitties a wonderful start in life. You truly are angels

  12. OMG! So much for you guys taking a few days off before getting more babies, huh? And there are only pictures of four babies so somebody is a mystery. I love the markings on the similar three...that baby with the half and half face is wonderful! The toes on the tiny orange guy are like fingers! And MAMA! She looks so relieved to have the IBKC support system now. How will the fabulous Charlene feel about Mama? Oh Laurie, you and Craig and Kim and Sue are THE BEST! This makes the departure of the Mayfields and the Holsteins almost bearable....almost.

  13. I literally, really, honestly squealed! Even after I thought I had my kitty fix at the shelter tonight. Kitties are like crack to me and I can never have enough; let me OD in furry goodness and tiny mews!!! Can't wait to see this group grow up and get adopted :)

  14. I hope your birthday trip to Vegas was as fantastic as you deserved!

    I am a fairly new reader, so this will be my first group of IBKs to watch from day one! I hope that maybe with Momma Cat you will get some break from feeding and rubbing little IBK bottoms!

    You and Charlene are the best fostering parents an IBK could ever ask for. You make a great team!!!

  15. Yay for a new batch! Oh my goodness, you have itty bitty kitty overlap!!! How heavenly - *sigh*

  16. Oh, my!!!!
    Wonderful news... times six!!!
    And six in the new batch, too, counting mama - it must be a lucky number!

    Is this your first experience fostering with a mama, Laurie? When I fostered Bitty and her brood, she did most of the work... and I got lots of kittens (7!!!) to play with. :-D

    No mistaking that all we ibkc groupies are in seventh heaven here. Solange, I agree. ibks are totally addictive!


  17. Yeah, what THEY said! {grin} That second baby? There's someone who knows the meaning of "Monday"! I'll be fascinated too, to watch every bit and hear all the details (I can hardly BELIEVE them when they're SO teetiny!) And I'm with Anne B again (we're on a wavelength) - you folks are the absolute unequivocal BEST! On behalf of the new momcat and each of her brood: THANK YOU (in 47 languages, if I but knew them)

  18. OMG! Happy homes for the Mayfields & the Holsteins and a new batch - Momma & all! There is little in the world more squee!-worthy than a batch of IBKs!

    I am so looking forward to them growing and showing more of their purrsonalities. Momma Cat looks happy - I'm sure she is relieved to be in a loving home.

    Hope you had a great birthday! Looks like you have a wonderful present - new batch of IBKs! :^)

  19. 1: Yaaay! for the affectionate little fuzz ball Fergus settling in well. *beams*

    2: Equally yaaaay! for darling Clementine getting over her bug.

    3: A third yaaaay! for all the Holsteins getting adopted pretty much in one go. and three together! Not to mention neighbor kitties... *beams more*

    4: AWWW! for five new kittens and a momkitty! What color kitties are they? *curious blind blogreader* I know from previous comments that there's an orange one in the bunch, but the other itty bitties and the momkitty I haven't got a clue on.

  20. Look at the little scrunchy faces and the tiny ear nubules! How adorable they all are, and mama looks so content. :)

  21. Awwww, they are all so adorable!

    Solange said it right: Kittens are like crack!

    Congratulations to the Holsteins and how wonderful for these little ones and their mama to end up with such a loving foster family.

    I get the mental image of mama kitty and Charlene Butterbean trading stories about their respective little ones, over a cup of tea or perhaps something stronger.

  22. Chanter, three of the kittens and their mum seem to be tabbies, black-grey striped or something like that. Or actually, two of the greyish-black kittens have tabby markings, the third one has splodged face - and you don't see else than the face and the front paws in the pics, so I just assume it is mostly tabby. The fourth kitty is quite orange indeed and probably has tabby markings as well (off-white and orange).

    These kittens are indeed very tiny, fit into one hand (they are held up to be photographed), so we'll have to wait for Laurie's report to get more info....

    The fifth kitten hasn't been presented to us yet in picture as the fifth photo is of the proud mum feeding a baby, so you know just as much as we do about the "mystery kitten"!

  23. looking at those new baby kittens I could almost feel my milk come in.
    Happy Birthday Ms L. hope to view you and the new ones soon.

  24. Congratulations on the new family! How great to have the mom too! I am soooo excited for you!

  25. Marshall,, : )
    you heart kitties in a very big way!

    Ms Spinach and SH I think I heard you both squeal all the way over here.

    Anne B.. Only three kitties shown ( one kitties is pictured twice). I didn't get clear shots of everyone, so that's all I posted. Charlene probably won't be meeting mama cat. I don't want any stress for anyone.

    Darin,, yes ! having mama means no bottle feeding or bum rubbing.

    Kleinwort,, first mama plus babies for all of us.

    lulu,, yes,, you must meet them!

    wendy,, thanks cousin. love from our kitties to your kitties.

  26. Hurray for the Mayfields (whimper for us poor humans who miss them...)

    Hurrah for the Holsteins - awesome they all got forever homes too!

    And Bulahs bunch are just too precious!

    I think my 10 year old cat is slightly jealous of IBK's....she tries to sit between me and the monitor and PURR.

    Sigh - This is such a great blog...



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