Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Farewell Auggie,, Farewell LeRoy


This weekend Auggie and LeRoy officially left the nest. Kim, Sue, Craig and I were all there to say goodbye to the boys. While Kim and their new dad filled out the paperwork, I got to have one last love-fest with LeRoy. I will never say I favor one kitten over the next, but out of all the kittens in the batch, I felt more love from LeRoy. I was happy to have our final moments with him cuddled up in my arms.

Auggie perched himself on his new mama's lap and had a little snooze. It was so sweet to see how comfortable he was with her already.

After the paperwork was complete, we took a few photos of the new family, then passed the kittens around and said our goodbyes.

We are so happy they went together and to such a wonderful, loving home. They are going to be assigned new names. LeRoy will become Howie and Auggie will become Baker. They promised to send us lots of pictures and updates.

So now there are three Mayfields left. Fergus and Porter go in for surgery on Thursday. Fergus will be leaving us this weekend. Clementine is scheduled for surgery on Monday. She had a little bug and has been on antibiotics this week, so we have to make sure she's 100% before she goes in, but things are looking really good. If all goes well, Clementine and Porter be nestled into their new home by the end of next week, and we will be kitten-free.

AND yes, there will be more kittens. Kitten season is just getting started. We may take a few days off between batches, but there will be more.


  1. Why does this always make me cry? And I mean really cry! I think it's 'cause I lost my beloved dog in a mean-spirited and vengeful way and I never really got to say goodbye (nor would I have been able to).
    Bless these babies on their way, and bless the IBK Committee and the IBK community. You are such a circle of loving creatures!

  2. Goodbye little ones, hoping to see you soon!

  3. Aw, anne boleyn, I'm sorry that was the way you and your doggie parted ways... Yes, these accounts tug at my heart, too. They make me cry a little bit as well. Very bittersweet. But ultimately, I have to look at how fortunate they are for getting good permanent homes, and how fortunate we are in being able to follow them until that path. Thank you IBKC handlers (Sue, Craig, Kim, Laurie and others I may have forgotten?) for sharing all this treasure with us.

  4. yay forever homes! yay new batches to look forward to and love from afar! Yay for Kim, Craig, Sue, and Laurie!

  5. ((((anne b)))), I am so sorry - that's awful! I can imagine that it never really leaves you. Our hearts are with you, gal, as you bless the bebes on their way.

    Bye-bye to our sweet guys... we'll miss you so much - we hope your new family will share your news (and photos) with us from time to time!

  6. Oh! What a wonderful thing you do for these babies!! Hard to say goodbye but amazing to know that without you, these furry little beautiful animals might not have been so lucky. : )

    ps. The photos on your blog are GORGEOUS!

  7. Bye, little ones! I'm sure you'll be very happy in your new homes.

  8. Bye! {{{sweeties}}} I'm so glad we got to spend some time with you & can see you off to forever loving homes!

    {{{Anne B}}} I'm sorry!

  9. P.S. While it's hard to think of the boys as anything but LeRoy and Auggie, I do like their new names and I think having these new names makes them more their new parents' babies and less the property of the IBKC groupies', which is as it should be.
    (and thanks for the lovely cyberhugs people)

  10. Awwwww, this batch of itty bitties went so fast!

    (That's a good thing, right?)

  11. Howie and Baker - you be good to your new family; they will recognize immediately how stuffed with love from all over the world you are! If you share with them it will double!! And ibk folks? Consider yourself hugged tenderly for your care, your love, your affection and your attention to all of "our" babies.....(and for the meticulous care you take in finding their new forever homes)

  12. Farewell, dear little fuzz-buckets! You are well prepared for the great big wide world, which, like your kittenhood home, is full of people who love snuggling you.

    Though these goodbyes are always tearful to us all, just think of the updates! And say, I wonder how our last batch of Itty Bitties are doing...

  13. Dear kitties, they will have and deserve a happy life.... Anne B, it's a happy/sad! Consider yourself hugged though. Bless the IBKC!

  14. Aww, it's so sad to see them go, but so happy they're going to loving homes <3 I wish I could foster kitties; it's so wonderful what you're doing! :D

  15. Goodbye Auggie and LeRoy, it's been a pleasure to know you. Have great lives full of love!

    (and don't forget to send updates)


  16. Goodbye Little cute fluffy kitties..Hope your new parents will give you as muchlove as the IBKC..You kept me happy and smile during all your time and adventure here..send us lots of update..Will have you always in my heart little angels..miiaaaoouucchhh Love xxx

  17. Bye, little guys! Lots of chin scritches and tummy rubs to you both as you head to your new domains.

    Hugs to Anne Boleyn, so sorry to hear about it.

  18. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I'm also a foster home for itty bitty kitties, but operating out of Massachusetts.

    I've really enjoyed your blog!

  19. On Thursday April 10th Laurie is celebrating a special birthday. Happy Birthday Laurie from all your itty bitty kitties and your many fans. WE send our love and best wishes to you for a great day!! Thank you for sharing your life with us and making each day a celebration.

  20. best of luck, itty bitty kitties!

    {small tears}

  21. Auggie & Leroy are obviously pleased with life...so it makes it a bit easier to "let go" electronically.

    I commend you and the work you do with all these kitties

    And Charlene Butterbean, too! She helps them understand their feline duties!

    Anne B - Crying for this kind of good in the world is just fine. I am sorry about your pup.



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