Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charlene + Porter = Love

charlene + porter


  1. ACKKK!!! I've just died and gone to heaven. Just left a comment in your previous post and what did I find upon returning to your home page? THIS!!! :) I love Butterbean...

  2. Aaawww! They are purrfect together!

  3. Awww so cute. She's saying to lil P, 'You're ALL mine!'.

  4. Miss Butterbean looks like she is saying, "Uhm, excuse me? You're interrupting my PORTER TIME, thank you very much, now leave me alone, got more kitty fur to clean!"

    You go Miss Butterbean!

    Buttery Hugs,

  5. "Can't I lick my pork chop in peace?"

    I can't wait to hear Butterbean reacts when she meets the NEW babies. Will she try to hone in on the mothering even though they have a mother? Dang she's sweet!

  6. She's saying, as my kids used to, "NOT yours, MINES!".
    Don't be surprised if Charlene throws herself in front of the new parents when they come to take Porter and his sister to their new home.
    What a beautiful picture this is!

  7. *happy sigh* My precious Pork Chop.
    *happy sigh* The beneficent, beautious Butterbean.

    Robin and a-b are right. It's obvious we've intruded on Charlene's private Porter time.

    OK, Miss BB, I concede, he's yours! Take the bestest care of him for us until his forever parents arrive.


  8. out of all the IBKs from this batch, charlene thought porkchop was the tastiest. he's a messy eater so there was always lots to lick off.

  9. What a beautiful photograph. That Porter is such a lover boy, he really is.

  10. {standing up, raising glass of milk} TO CHARLENE BUTTERBEAN! Also....aww, thanks, Laurie, for this precious picture. All of Porkchop's fans can admire this when we're happily dreaming about Porter's new lucky family....

  11. It just knocks me out the way the Butterbean's white-tipped paws are holding her sweet Porter. The way they're both looking up at the camera it looks like a head bath has been temporarily interrupted.
    Bliss, pure unadulterated bliss on both their faces. On mine too, when I look at any of these precious IBK pictures.

  12. Mis Butterbean is such a love. And there is nothing about Porter Porkchop NOT to love, is there?

    Gawd I love this site....



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