Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Foolishness

Fergus, your sister doesn't think that's funny. Stop biting her in the booty.

fergus says ha !
But I think it's funny.


  1. Oh Fergus you wee devil!. Clementine's expression of indignation is just perfect!

  2. Clementine, you just stick with Precious Porter. That Fergus is scamp! But then there WAS that early picture of Porter taking a bite out of Leroy sooo.....watch out!

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  4. Fergus is a wee little scallywag isn't he? You can almost hear Clemintine with a Scarlet O'Hara accent saying "Why, Fergus, I nevah!"

    I love these kittens.

  5. So, is "M" the lucky new mom of Fergus, or just a wannabe?

  6. Oh Fergus, you lil devil...

    My but how you all have grown! I've only been on vacation a little over a week and have missed all the Mayfield goings on!

    The silver lining is that tonight I get to sit down and have a nice long catch up session!

    Hugs and snorgles, precious ones!

  7. I think the look on her face is so cute. To me, it says "Oh no, not this crap again..." LMAO. Too cute!

  8. So cute Laurie! Glad to see you the other day! :O)

  9. anon,, yes "M" is the real deal. no wannabe,, but an actual momtobe.

    shbarth,, being the only girl,, she takes a lot.

    val.. likewise !

  10. Oh my goodness Fergus was feeling his oats yesterday, wasn't he?

    I guess he knows he has to hassle his sis thoroughly - Fergus believed it IS a brothers right to do so!

    How much you wanna bet that Clementine walloped him one a little while later...

    Oooh so cute!

    Congrats M -

  11. Congratulations, M! Be sure to let us know how the little booty biter is doing!

  12. That picture of Fergus is classic... I <3 it!

  13. i love the bottom pic so much I made it my "face" on messenger. Now when I log on , my friends see him pop up. LOL!



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