Sunday, March 9, 2008

Precious Pork Chop




  1. Oh, I do love it when you feature the Precious Porter Pork Chop! My bet is that he grows up to be a knock out handsome guy, but right now he has that tiny air of patheticness that just makes me crumble. Hey, little buddy, here's a hug just for you: X. And here are hugs for the other Mayfieds too: XXXX )X( That last one has wings so it can get to St. Bernadette.

  2. Oh tiny Porter Pork Chop, your slightly befuddled expression just melts my heart. I agree with anne above, you are going to grow up to be the most handsome tabby fella ever!

  3. {*} <--that's a wee hug for you, Anne...remembering our Bernadette.
    And Pork Chop? I figured it out: those little tabbies have a spot right in the center of their foreheads, outlined by the "M" or "W" or whatever...that's the Tiny Kiss target. NOw, it *may* be that all ittykitties are adorable - maybe it's the security and love that make yours just plain CUTER than any others, Laurie. Must be it.

  4. Thanks, Dale-Harriet, and back at you. I love your kiss-target theory. I'm going to try it out on Potter and Beatrix right now and, if I miss the target, who cares! Beatrix doesn't have an M (I refuse to even mention "W" although, on a kitty is surely stands for "WONDEROUS"). She's dark grey/blue with peach colored blotches. My 98 year old father calls her the purple cat.

  5. Ladies, you've said it all! Another hug to Anne for kisses to precious Bernadette. And to all - I look forward to reading your comments every day... this is such a wonderful group!

    Anne, my little Annie is also a grey/blue with peach blotches (and just a little caramel), but she's almost silvery grey toward her face. Steve calls her "Bleached Baby," saying that it looks like someone spllled bleach on her fur. Caught him singing "Bleached Baby, Bleached Baby, give me your paw..." once! ;-)

  6. Hey,Kleinwort! Your Annie sounds perfect. I love the bleach baby song especially because my daughter made me a Beatrix pillow. She appliqued the silhouette of the fabulous Beatrix in grey/purple linen that she had splashed with bleach! Same daughter says your Annie and my Beatrix are "Pastel Torties" and that they often are equipped with "Pastel Tortie Personality Disorder" which gives them a bit of an attitude. To me, Beatrix is so fabulous that she's entitled to be however she likes!



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