Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh the Places They'll Go !


This week the IBKs went into the Humane Society for their check-ups, weigh-ins, shots, and micro-chipping. Clementine is the biggest, followed close by Auggie. LeRoy and Fergus are in the middle, and Porter is the smallest. We need to work on fattening up Mr Pork Chop so he is ready to go along with the others.

So yes, they are getting much bigger. We try to supply them with plenty of toys to play with and things to climb onto and into. Eventually they get bored and start climbing to places they shouldn't go. They climb quick, and they climb high, especially Miss Clementine, the super athlete. She's the one who must be watched the closest. Strength and determination will get a kitty into trouble FAST.


  1. I think you'd better just carry Precious Porter around in your shirt so he won't burn too many calories. And then you'd better put one or two others in there so he won't feel lonely.
    Yeah, that's it.

  2. Miss Clementine is really training for the Olympics. Gymnastics Gold, of course. I was always amazed as to how my Oliver, as a kitten would end up in places I couldn't imagine how he got there!

    Clementine Orangey Hugs,


  3. Looking at Clementine reminded me of that song from a gazillion years ago... Maybe titled Turn Around?" The first part was... "Where are you going, my little one?" Makes me all sniffy... But, she's a doll!

  4. Porter, Porter please eat up all the pies, you just don't weigh as much as surely you oughta!

    Being cute burns calories*

    *Does not apply to humans ;)

  5. Oooh, look at those fearsome toes!

  6. gaaah! i love the itty bitty hint of tongue!


  7. Sweet climbin' clementine - be careful you need to finish scouting areas closer to the earth!

    So we humans can continue to admire you without getting cricks in our necks!

    And snuggles for your fellow Mayfields!



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