Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kitty Profile: Winnifred Holstein

Name: Winnifred
Nickname: Winnie, Win-Win
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Yes, I do look like Julianna Margulies. In The Sopranos, not ER. Rrrowwrrr…!
What are your hobbies? I try to teach my siblings to be a bit more dignified. It’s not working. They’re just silly.
Favorite toy: I’m quite happy with a scratch-y thing and a climb-y thing.
Dislikes: Intolerance. There’s really no excuse.
Dream-home: A kitty sibling (or two!), quiet evenings on the couch, and humans to love me forever. I’m extra special.
An interesting fact about me: I’m quite smitten with an adult foster kitty in our house. Her name is Iris and she feels best when she’s hiding. I like to keep her company. It helps her relax and makes us both feel nice.
Minor Imperfection: I’m so well-mannered you might not realize you have a kitten and find that you need another.
Why should you adopt me? Classic beauty and a gentle spirit. A Win-Win proposition.


  1. Pretty Miss Winnifred, what a sweetie you are and so kind to befriend Iris. I think you may have a future as a therapy kitten or perhaps a kitten counsellor. I hope you find a forever home soon :)

  2. Winnifred, the sweet! {{{Winnie}}}

  3. Winnie the sweet! Maybe you and Iris will find a forever home together! {{{Winnifred}}}

  4. All that and gorgeous too. Miss Flora sends purrs along with my love... You will find a deserving home, dear!

  5. I'd love to see pictures of Winnifred and Iris! Wouldn't it be sweet if they were adopted together?

  6. Sweet Winnifred! But - I recognize those sparkling eyes. They spell "curious"! (Contrary to childhood homilies, this IS a good thing in kitties) I foresee a future filled with interesting, soft, warm, nourishing things and lots of love for Winnifred...she deserves nothing less!

  7. Oh Win Win, you are loverly! I do love a gentle, sweet, mild, kittens!



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