Monday, March 24, 2008

Kitty Profile: Emmett Holstein

Name: Emmett
Nickname: Emmett Washington
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Charming crew cut markings, crisp white shirt with contrasting gray placket, dreamboat eyes, the cutest boy in school.
What are your hobbies? Human cuddling, eyeball gazing.
Favorite toy: The laces on the tennis shoes that you left in the hallway. Ahhh…bliss!
Dislikes: Cow tipping. Really. It’s not funny.
Dream-home: The one with you sitting down and hugging me. That one.
An interesting fact about me: If you happen to be in a chair when I get sleepy, I’ll scale your shins to get to your lap. That’s how much I love you.
Minor Imperfection: You can’t stop staring at me. You’ll put me in the other room so you can get your chores done.
Why should you adopt me? You can talk to me. I’ll listen. I care.

This little darling will soon be available for adoption. Any interested parties, shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with their foster mama, Sue. Huge-hearted, fabulously wonderful, kitty-loving people only, please.


  1. Oooh... oooooh... I love Emmett! My shins are so ready for his itty bitty clawsies... but they happen to be halfway across the country! Darn, darn, darn!

  2. I absolutely adore Emmett. I am almost glad I live on the other side of the USA otherwise Emmett would be mine....

    Emmetty Hugs, Robin

  3. Now I have to go lie down. This is too much for me. (Please don't tell my Precious Porter Pot Pie).

  4. When ever I need some cheering up I just look at your page. I love all the little kittens and you love them all so much! Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring site.

  5. I could go swimming in those eyes; I'm joining Anne for a little lie-down. That darling sweetness, that precious puff that is Emmett -- (sigh).

  6. Oh Dale-Harriet, you'll just find that you wake up 30 minutes later and come right back here to see if he's half as cute as you remember....and then you find he's even cuter. Am I right?

  7. Look at his Haaaiiiirrrr! *dies*

  8. omg - WHERE is the glucose meter....WHERE????


  9. But - on a more serious note...
    He is so sweet, may he find a loving forever indoor home.

  10. I'd think there'd be a queue forming to adopt little Emmett, he's a darling :)

  11. Anne - OK, I tried it. Went away, came back - the next day.'re right. He's CUTER! Here's an idea: let's get an apartment in Seattle, I'll bring the yarn - and we can just live there collecting kittens. (Can you tell I write fiction for children?) But surely there are homes for these babies; I just wish WE all could interview them, go on home visits, &c. Still - I trust our Hostesses to do it right.



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