Thursday, March 6, 2008

Itty Bitty Pretty Committee


Clementine is definitely transitioning out of her awkward roly-poly kitten days and is turning into an elegant beauty. She's graceful but spunky and well mannered too.

When her messy brothers forget to bury their poo, (the kitty equivalent to leaving the toilet seat up) she will gladly bury their business for them. She'll even wipe her paws on the edge of the box before stepping out. I'm sure it's not easy sharing a bathroom with four brothers.

Like all the rest, she's gaining weight quickly. Right now she's about one pound and a half ( when her belly is full). Her features are becoming more defined and so are her markings. She's growing up fast and she just gets lovelier and lovelier by the day.


  1. I love Clementine. If I weren't in Pittsburgh I'd totally take her home and give her lots of love and belly rubs.

  2. Oh ma darlin', oh ma darlin', oh ma darlin' Clementine!

    That's one little lady who is gonna be the boss.

  3. Her profile in the top photo is really lovely. A turned up nose is cute and is what her tinier self had. Now there's a graceful curve to her nose. Very feminine. Sort of Ingrid Bergmanesque.

  4. I guess it's true of most infants - they do begin to unfold like blossoms. I have to say, though - even though my kitties are full adults now (well, you know, chronologically), when they sleep I can still see their itty-bittyness in their furry faces.

  5. She is gorgeous! What a pretty little kitty! My cat-boys are in love!

  6. I can't get over how little these babes are! My pup was 3 pounds when I got her and I thought that was about a small as any pet could get! :)
    Thanks for all the great photos this week!

  7. I knew there was a reason that my niece Madison and I loved Clementine the bestest...what good manners she has!

    Purry Hugs,
    Robin (and Madison)

  8. Oh, can you please ship her to Boston, FedEx?

    So pretty.

  9. Clementine is so dainty!

    Like a kitty princess in the making!
    Makes me hope my Toes will want a snuggle is her household!



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