Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where Are the Kitties???

hey, has anyone seen pierre??

They must be hiding. I can't find them anywhere ! Everyone at the Humane Society knows that we get the next batch that comes in,,, but there just haven't been ANY kitties down there at all ! It's a good thing that there aren't any kitties in need,,, I know. Kitten season is just around the corner so there will be a population explosion very soon. But I am so ready for another litter, and I know all of you are waiting too. I can't believe how long we've all been waiting now ! Hang in there !!!

The picture above is Pierre from the original itty bitty kitty committee hiding behind a tray of wheat grass.


  1. You're right, it's a mixed blessing. We're all missing new kitties, but the fact that there aren't any in need right now is GREAT.

  2. Agreed. I get my fix at my local cat shelter where I am a meds volunteer. I highly encourage folks to volunteer at such places. Not only do you get to play with all the cats, dogs, etc, but you also provide a much needed resource to these organizations :)

  3. I'm sure there will be a batch soon enough. In the meantime, have fun prepping the IBKC vacation home & day spa for the next arrivals. :)

  4. How lovely, no needy babies...and you know, the most precious things, the sweetest things, the dearest things - are WORTH waiting for. (Gives you time to work on that book, yes? Or cards? YES??)

  5. Agreed. I'm anxiously awaiting the newest batch of kittens, but there not being any kittens in need is good too. :)

    I do the cat shelter volunteer thing too, and recommend it to pretty much everyone I know. The kitties get human love, the human gets kitty love, win-win situation!

  6. It's the February kitten-drought - we're having it here too. Waiting for our latest batch here from our local shelter.

    Kitten season is around the corner though...

  7. What a brilliant post, thanks a lot for sharing.



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