Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Note

charlene and drewey get a valentine
from nate and tate

Yesterday Charlene and Drewey got a valentine from Kim's cats, Nate and Tate. Please don't ask me who is who because I have a very hard time telling them apart.

This duo is quite dashing, but I have to tell you, they can be trouble. They have turned the faucet on in the bathtub. They figured out how to adjust the thermostat. They have knocked over many a plant. They climb very, very high.

Lucky for them, they are total lover boys, so it's pretty easy to forgive them for their naughtiness.


  1. they may be naughty, but it just makes them cuter, per cuteoverload. if you're caught doing something bad, you're cute. i think it's crazy that they can turn on the faucet, though!

    i have missed the kitties so much while being busy at work, so happy to have a moment to catch up with the blog!

  2. acacia ! i wondered where you had been!

    welcome back !

  3. Very intelligent kitties. Good thing they're cute, though, if they get in that much mischief.

    jans funny farm

  4. It *is* a "cute factor". Our Lilliane is the sweetest-faced tabby you every saw, but gives a whole new meaning to "naughty"! "Who scratched all the papers out of the cubby on the desk?" Lilliane: "ME? Naw, I just have me some big green eyes!" (blink blink). Still and all, Nate and Tate are loaded with Cute too, I cannot believe they are EVER naughty. (They turned on the water????)

  5. Adorable, handsome loverboys! I love those naughty kitties (2 of my 4 definitely qualify as naughty!)

    I wish my Mr. Cattingham would learn to turn the faucet on and off - he pesters me constantly to drink from the bathtub faucet!

    Can't wait 'til itty-bittys show up!

  6. speaking of cute-but-naughty, have y'all seen the youtube of the kitteh flushing the toilet (and flushing and flushing and flushing and ...)? it's completely wonderful! in a we-really-don't-endorse-wasting-water-like-this sort of way.

    I'll go try to find it ....



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