Saturday, February 23, 2008

His Full Name is Augustine Fillmore Mayfield...

But please call him Auggie. All his friends do.

He's a fearless little fellow. He was the first to scale the baby gate that pens the kitties in the kitchen. He challenges Charlene's huge fluffy tail to a wrestling match.

He loves to explore every corner of the house. If there's only 5 kittens in the room, the one missing kitten is probably him.

When he's sleepy, he loves to climb up your arm and snuggle in on your shoulder. He realy is a sweetie. In fact, this whole batch is pretty dang sweet.


  1. Hey Auggie!!! You are quite the little man-kitten, eh? I have been checking all morning here, and you were worth the wait!

  2. That might be the cutest little face ever!

  3. Oh dear. One look of that face and I am dead from the cute!

  4. Oh, such a beguiling little face!

    Anon Ann

  5. awww, another cutie!
    i look forward to meeting the whole ibk mayfield gang tomorrow. :)

  6. Now - is he the brother of our precious Clementine? "Climbing the baby gate" -- ooooooh, too much! I know we can't have any of YOUR IBK (Wisconsin is just TOOOOOO far) but man, I'm tempted to check out our Shelter, whence my darling Evangeline came; they might have a wee boy for my girls...(the husband says you're a Bad Influence). :-)

  7. dale-harriet...go adopt another kitty! You could never regret it!

    I'm happy to be a bad influence.

  8. Yeah, Dale-Harriet, go for it. If the rest of us are going to be up to our whatevers in kitties (and puppers), we want you right in there with us!

  9. Ohhhh...those Mayfields are some pretty, pretty kitties indeed. If I didn't already have 3 kitties and their mama in my care, I would be mighty tempted. Wonderful!

  10. Greetings Auggie!

    I now have [[THUD]]several CUTENESS induced bruises on my person...

    But they were so enjoyable to get!
    Though it has been puzzling my 2 mature feline housemates.

    I am amazed I still have all my teef after this much cute!

  11. So this is the ringleader! Hi, Auggie the cute and fearless. :) *pets*

    And Dale-Harriet, as several friends of mine like to say, doooo iiiit! I'm in Wisconsin myself, and if I weren't on a university campus right at the moment, at least two of the kitties at the shelter I volunteer with would already be home with me. Just one more semester until dreams become reality... *anticipates*

  12. Hi Auggie!!! How gorgeous you are...and very photogenic :D

  13. OMG! I nearly fell out of my chair when this vision of cuteness appeared! If I didn't have 4 kitties and 3 pups already, I'd be on a plane out there, begging to take Auggie home w/me.

    I is in luv!

  14. Ok, enough ittybittykitty blog for me!

    *falls backwards from cuteness overload toxic shock*

    These guys are so adorable... I swore I would never foster again, since the only time I did it ended up doubling my number of cats, so STOP TEMPTING ME! ;p

    Now if you'll excuse me I will go drool on the other pictures...

  15. I think most kittens are pretty sweet. It's when they get older they become troublemakers!

  16. You've picked out some pretty wonderful names! I'm in the process of picking out names for two little kittens of my own right now and I think I could use YOUR help. =)

    SO GLAD your kitten-less days are over... I enjoy your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY!



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