Monday, February 4, 2008

Boots and Aspen

boots and aspen

My friends Sarah and Marie have been fostering Boots and Aspen for Kindred Souls Foundation.
These two handsome boys are tired of living out of their suitcases, and they're ready to move on to a permanent home. I am thinking that one of you fine blog readers might be able to offer these two gentleman a place to hang their hats. It sounds as though they are quite adaptable (and adoptable !) and would easily merge into almost any situation. Here's what Sarah had to:

I'd like you to meet Boots and Aspen! These beautiful brothers are about 1.5 years old. They came into our care to be fostered when their owner was moving and was not interested in bringing the cats with her. They enjoy spending their time snuggled together in a sunny window or piled in your lap if you sit still long enough. Our greatest hope is for them to go to a loving forever home together. Boots (B/W) is gregarious and mischievous. He will become the personal assistant you never knew you needed. From cooking to eating, cleaning, reading, sleeping, you name it...he does it all with you! Such good help is hard to find. He will entertain you for hours with his antics. Aspen (B) is shy and sweet. He will show up next to you on the couch or in your lap and you won't even realize it. He is a gentle and petite boy who will charm you with his peaceful nature. Unless it's food time...then you will get and earful of his goofy meow as he encourages you to hurry with the meal already! These boys have been living with 2 dogs, multiple cats and rabbits and have become very well socialized while being fostered. They would be best in an indoor only environment with someone who enjoys energetic and constant company.

Any interested parties, please shoot us an email, and we will connect you! And if you can't adopt them, maybe you could forward this to someone you know who might need a pair of fine felines !


  1. What gorgeous and appealing young men!
    While it says they would be best as indoor kitties, I'm intrigued by the apparent pen they are in and wonder if anyone out there in IBK land has had success with any sort of outdoor facility for playtime for indoor cats who are frustrated. It seems as if there would be a great market for an inexpensive play place for kitties that don't have a screened porch . What say?

  2. Anne B- Sarah and Marie ( foster moms ) built a wonderful enclosure off the side of their house. The cats are able to come on go through their kitchen window. I think their cats are pretty dang happy out there and it seems to keep them all safe. I think they let bunnies roam in there as well.

  3. You know, the description of that enclosure just gave me this wonderful mental image of kitties and bunnies all snuggling up together in the grass. I promptly melted. Awww. *warm fuzzies*

    I clicked through and sniffed about Boots and Aspen's info, and they sound like dolls! I wish I weren't hours and hours away... *snuggles them from afar*

    Chanter, who's still trying to get the nickname thingie to work right. How'd I do it before?

  4. I would love them! But... I live on the othersied of the country. I already have a B&W kitten that is exactly as Boots is described... perhaps it's the way they are made (black & white cats, I mean). I would love another cuddlebug too. I really hope they find their forever homes soon!

  5. Sarah and Marie!!! Good luck - they look (and sound by description) like GREAT housepets!! I just wish I could hire on the personal assisti-cat and his shy lovenugget brother out here in the Midwest!!
    Keep looking!!!!!



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