Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Poor Little Butterbean

She is so bored.


  1. Heartbreaking, utterly heartbreaking. I'll be your friend Charlene Butterbean...Now if I only lived in Tacoma, sigh!

  2. Oh, poor Miss Charlene! My Oliver would give her a run for her money!

    Purry Hugs, Robin

  3. I'm counting the days till you're back from down under and can get that girl some babies!

  4. Poor Charlene. Maddie is always trying to play with and cuddle the older kitties here at my parent's house, but they won't have anything to do with it. I know she misses Charlene's baths.

    I can't wait until Maddie gets to meet her new sister Sophie (less than a week now!) and until Charlene gets some new itty bitties to love.

  5. It makes me so happy to hear from the very dear Alicia and her Maddie. Nice to think they'll be with Tony and Sophie soon (even though A's parents are so awesome that it'll be bittersweet to leave them. Hugs to that whole family!

  6. That one spot she is working with looks really white. Can you teach her to move around so the whole tub is clean?

  7. She misses the babies! Poor Charlene. She reminds me a lot of Roary. As a matter of fact I have been noticing the last few days that Roary gets rather sad if he isn't able to see Ramona on an hourly basis:)

  8. The video where she's cleaning the tub is so cute. ^_^
    My cat used to jump into the tub when I was having a bath all the time. One time he even jumped into my mother's cleaning bucket. ^^" Unfortunately he was killed in a car accident last Christmas and I miss him madly.

    Love from Germany.



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