Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am Missin' My Kittens

No dogs!  No cats!  No way!
I've seen a few cats on the street. Four to be exact. The first was named Dennis, then Pandora, a scrappy looking white one, and a chubby tabby named Megsie. Sadly, they weren't too interested in giving me some kitty love.

lord of the flies

I must say, the flies down here are quite affectionate,,, but it's not quite the same.

Sigh. I am missin' my kittens.


  1. Ahh, yes our flies are MOST affectionate, all the time, whether you want them to be or not, rather like that slightly drunk uncle at the family get together who suddenly decides that you are his most favourite relative of all time.. and tells you repeatedly with as much bodily contact as he can manage.

  2. We are missing you and your kitties as well!

  3. Ditto on Zorbs comment. We miss you much but we hope you are having a WONDERFUL time, aside from the way-too-friendly flies or as we refer to the flies here in NC "vampire flies from hell."

    Since we are living vicariously through you - how about posting pics of Australia when you get home? Always wanted to visit it. *SIGH*

  4. Ah ah, you know all your kitties are enjoying being snuggled, pampered, cuddled, and cosseted. How often to you get to NZ? ENJOY! It's a Lifetime Opportunity! As for the flies - they're just pikers, you want winged pets? (Or "peSts" as the case may be)? Our mosquitos could beat up those puny little flies with three legs tied behind their thoraxes or wossname. :o)

  5. Maddie says "G'day, Mum!" I hope you guys are having fun.

  6. Geez, I know Craigory is sweet, but those flies are ridunkulous!

  7. Hey, that looks like the Great Ocean Road in the background, and the Twelve Apostles in some of your Flickr pics!
    If you're still in that area, you should check out Healsville Sanctuary about an hour out of Melbourne. It's a totally cool creature experience (even cooler than flies!)

  8. totally agree with Natasha - go to Healsville - my brother worked there for a bit and the pictures and stories he brought back were amazingly touching/thrilling for any animal lover. And Charlene and Drewey will only be all the more appreciative of your lovings when you get home. Don't fret, they will be waiting for you with open paws.

  9. Someone forgot the Aeroguard ;) The flies can get overly affectionate! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday in my part of the world...looking forward to more kitten updates when you return :)

  10. boodie - oh they are horrible! now that we are in WA, their population is much smaller, thank goodness!

    zorbs - thank you! only a week to go,, then we are on our way home.

    catmama.. will do !
    vampire flies from hell ! eEEEeek !

    D-H - oh I come from Iowa,, i know ALL about your mosquitos

    Alicia and Maddie - G'day to you too !

    Anne - flies heart craig. i think they hearted me more though.

    Natasha and Hilary - sadly, we are done with that area and have moved on to perth. ( that's where craig's parents are living). i wish we would of had more time down there. the great ocean road is so incredible. sooooo beautiful !!

    Chaton D - we are having an amazing time down here ! what amazing, diverse place !



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