Friday, December 7, 2007

There's Safety in Numbers

And we are numerous !
From left to right: Willamena, Cornelius, Tink, Maddie, Lottie, Jeanne-Marie, Phyllis, Shermie.


  1. Please note that Willa is making sure her beautiful and amazing hands are on full display.

    That girl's a genius! Who can resist The Power of The Thumbs???

  2. The IBKs are so damned cute that words cannot express the levels of it! It's funny that there are not a whole lot of comments but then someone writes from another country with remarks that make you know they tune in every day even if they don't comment. I hope you have a "hit meter" so you know what a blessing your blog is!

  3. I agree, a blessing. And speaking at LEAST for myself (but I bet I have a lot of people who agree with me) the joy and delight of seeing those treasured pictures of "our babies" is the knowledge that they are safe, warm, well-fed, well-loved, snuggled and treasured...and above all, PROTECTED, and care is given to see that they go to homes where they will receive the same. There's a special corner of Heaven for the likes of you, and in 150 years I'll come visit you there. As much as the babies are loved, my dear, know that y'all are, too.
    Just sayin'.

  4. What amazin cuteness! I mean, kittens are cute, duh, but this pictor makes them extra super cute.

  5. Aw, how sweet. Bless you and those adorable kitties!

  6. Wwhat precious babies! There's nothing in the world as sweet as kittens!! Bless you for what you do!
    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles & Lola

  7. What beautiful kittens. Hats off to you for looking after them and finding them homes. Fosterers are the tops!

  8. Okay, I admit that I check the blog at least twice a day! The power of the itty bitties is that compelling! I love following their stories and knowing how well-loved they are and knowing that they'll go to homes where they'll be cherished just as much.

  9. We're SO pleased to meet the IBKC! We've put a link to you on our blog under "People Helping Pets" and will visit you often.

    I was once an itty bitty abandoned kitty. But my human rescued me when I was one day old ... and now I'm CEO of my own company!

    CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
    Artsy Catsy



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