Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kitty Profile: Cornelius

Name: Cornelius Bouvier
Nickname: Oso, My Boyfriend, Little Man. Please don't call me Corny.
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: I am very sweet, polite, wiggly and playful. Everyone tells me I am sleek and quite handsome too.
What are your hobbies? Wrestling with my sister Maddie, running, leaping, chasing small styrofoam balls, eating, purring and lurking about.
Favorite toy: I don't know what it's called, but it's a big plastic circle with a ball that goes around a track on the outside edge. It has a cardboard scratcher in the middle too. The ball lights up when it moves. I'll chase it until I am dizzy. It's just heavenly.
Dislikes: Getting my toenails trimmed.
Dream-home: I would love it if I could live somewhere with Maddie. It would be great if it was just the two of us, but I think I could learn to love an older brother or sister. I must live in a house filled with toys and empty cardboard boxes.
An interesting fact about me: I am very motivated by food. I think I could be trained to do all sorts of tricks.
Minor Imperfection: I bite toes.
Why should you adopt me? Because I love you. I know we've never met, but that's just the kind of cat I am. And I look good in a bow tie. I could be your date for all you fancy holiday parties this season.


  1. He seems the adventurous sort, I know we would be great friends...wish he could be mine. But I'm stuck out here in Indiana. :(

  2. Little Oso has a very beautiful coat! I adopted a little black kitten a few weeks ago and he has been a nonstop joy. Unfortuantely, little Schrodinger is a toe biter too. But I forgive him every time.

  3. Look at that handsome face. He could be a movie star. I also have a big, furry delicious black girl. But I'm in Florida...



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