Thursday, November 8, 2007

Playing Possum



  1. ok, i have to stop checking your site while i'm at work, because everyone looks at me funny when i start squealing from the cuteness.

  2. How come no one has taken this baby from you! Way too cute to be real. As always, thank you for sharing. If it weren't for you and Cute Overload, I'd have a hard time getting through the day (but I'd probably get a lot more work done)!

  3. AARGH! Must resist rubbing face on computer screen...

  4. I love her little landing stripe for tummy rubs!

  5. Awwwwwww! WONDERFUL photo, as usual. When is Lottie old enough to go to a new home anyway? WAIT! Don't tell me - I live too far away and my solo Siamese would not appreciate it...
    Missed your posts last weekend BTW and glad you are BACK and clickin' away =).

  6. I should've read the comments first - "Anonymous" would've warned me. I bonked my nose on the screen trying to smooch that belly.....

    That's it: I'm submitting the IBKC for the Sacred Order of Bast award -- of the century!

  7. Ooohh there's my lil' Lottie. Please give her a belly smooch for me. I luvs her.

    Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  8. carrie,, just forward a link to your coworkers,, they'll understand.

    robin,, thank you !!

    anne,, someone will soon. they are almost ready to go. just about two more weeks . if you think pictures of kittens are distracting,, try living with four living, breathing, real life kitties. it's a miracle we get anything done around here.

    anon,, do be careful !

    anon.. i know,, isn't the stripe the best??

    peggi,, thanks !

    Eug in Il, Just a couple of more weeks,,, she has to be fixed first (humane society rules) , which will be happening soon. i was in your neighborhood ( chicago). i should of packed a kitten.

    d-h, you WERE warned ! : )

    catmama,,, consider her smooched!

  9. the best kitten picture ever.

    i look at it several times a day, when i need a break from this wicked ol' world.

    please kiss her tummy for me.

    oh, and THANKS!!!!



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