Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hold Me Close Willamena, I'm Scared!

cornelius and willamena
Don't worry Cornelius, you'll be just fine. It's a simple procedure. You'll fall asleep, then wake up, and it will be all over with. Really,,,, it will be OK.


  1. Haha, I can sense the dread in the poor little kitties :P

  2. Willamena it's just like they say. I had a went-away just like that. Felt a little crummy for a couple of days and PRETENDED I felt crummy for a couple of weeks. LOTS of extra treats and cuddles - *I* managed to get my Big Guy to carry me everywhere even, for a few days. And when I tell you -- you have no idea how many better goods it is for you but only listen on me 'cause I know. Your friend Lilliane in Wisconsin.

  3. Hugs to these babies as they have their procedures!

  4. It will be ALL over with soon....and after that, they can look forward to wonderful homes!

  5. Luvs, hugs and kisses Cornelius and Willamena. It will be over in a blink and then you will be getting much loving and extra special care from your humans.

  6. Cute kittens!
    Hope it's everything ok with them and their new families!



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