Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boo and Hooray

First, let me begin by saying thanks to all of you for being so wonderful and caring. We appreciate all of the kind and encouraging words that you left in the comments and sent in your emails today. How lucky the kitties are having their own private cheering section. You all are the BEST!

I want to especially thank my Aunt Sue. She's such a fan of the kitties, and lover of animals, that she called me today and offered to adopt Maddie and Cornelius. She lives in Iowa, and had already figured out a way to transport them back to the midwest. I am convinced we'll be able to find someone wonderful (and in the area) that can take on these kitties. I so appreciate her offer though. She has such a huge heart for animals. She has always taken in all the stray kitties, pups, and even raccoons in her neighborhood.

Things were a little quiet at Petsmart. I think they found homes for three kitties. Three is better than none, of course !!! Maddie and Cornelius were very good. They shined like they should. Their future parents just didn't happen to be there today.

I feel like a lot of you. I am sad they didn't find their homes today, but at the same time, so happy to have a little more time with them too.

We do need to find homes soon. The older they get, the harder it gets.

If anyone has animal-loving friends in the Tacoma/Seatttle area, please forward them a link to the IBKC blog. We sure would appreciate it.


  1. Hi Laurie.
    Having read your blog for quite a while now, this is the first time i'm commenting. People just have no idea what they have missed by not adopting those two darlings! Wish I could grab them for myself. Alas, living in Israel, as well as the objections of my own redhead Erik (aged 7.5, king of our domain) would prevent it from happening...
    Keep up the good work, and say hello to my favorite part of the U.S.


  2. Do you have any signs at Petsmart saying "Come read about our infancy at IBKC"? You should...surely if loving and kind people saw their pictures and fell hopelessly in love with them as WE all have (waving to Sophie in Israel) the Right Sort would come to find them. Also - you know how, when you want a new kitty real bad and you go look at them...sometimes it takes a while for Just the Right Kit. I expect it's the same t'other way around...(meanwhile, keep snapping pictures; remember the cards, remember the book!)

  3. I so deeply regret that I didn't discover this blog until after I moved from Everett, WA to Indiana. I am so inspired by your wonderful heart, and your love for all of your little fuzzy squeakers; you do so much good for both people and animals. I am not utterly out of contact with folks in Western Washington, however, and I'll keep telling my friends and family about the amazing work you do, and about the little darlings that could, potentially, light up their lives.

    Thank you again,

  4. I really hope they find homes soon. I may have to relocate from MD to wherever you are to adopt them!

  5. Dear Laurie and the Kitties,

    I began reflecting a few weeks ago on what it would be like to see the kitties go to new homes. I so love Maddie and wish that I lived in Washington State right now that I could adopt her. Alas, I live in Bham, AL with my own furry kids & that it is not possible. However, I just want you to know how much I love the blog and cherish those kitties (I've adored Maddie since the Ben & Jerry's pictures). All the kitties are precious, and I am so grateful for the care you are giving them in order to go to good homes.

    I can only imagine how difficult it will be to let go of such dear little ones, but I know that you will be finding homes that will love them as much as you have loved them. Take heart and keep up the much needed work that you are doing.

  6. I wish I lived there so I could adopt them!
    Good luck finding a home for you kitties !

    Santiago, Chile

  7. Just chipping in to say how much I wish I were able to take a kitten. I don't live in the area, I'm in college (even if I weren't in a dorm, I'm not in a situation where I can give a kitty the love and attention s/he'd need and deserve), and I have three wonderful cats with my family back home...but I'm completely in love with Willamena especially.

    Thanks to you and all the kittens for my daily dose of awesome.


  8. I'm still hoping and praying for the best (and nothing less!) for the furbabies. I don't understand, though, why can't they be shipped somewhere? I though airlines did that all the time. But I know it would be scary and maybe even dangerous for a tiny fuzzy baby.
    I love all these IBK's sooo much, but like so many others, Willamena grabbed my heart and ran away with it. You can have it, Willa, it's all yours sweetie!

  9. You bring tears to my eyes Laurie, awesome job. Awesome job.

  10. I am so in love with Miss Maddie! I wish I could take her, but I am in southern Oregon and have a queen Kitty who doesn't share us :(

  11. Ok so i got the blog from a friend, as i know he was thinking of me.
    I too was into raising babies from ferrel cats, I now have 10 cats. The ones i wasn't able to find homes for i ended up keeping, Hubby and i just didn't have the heart to take them to the humane society. I know how you feel, the longer you have them the harder it is to let them go. I no longer have room for anymore animals. And no longer can take them in till they find homes, as i don't have the will power to not keep them. I guess they would call me a hoarder of cats if i did.
    We also travel in our 30 ft motor home with all 10 cats and one chocolate pom.
    Good luck in finding them a home. I wish i could help you out.
    Bless you



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