Monday, October 15, 2007

She Loves Them So

Charlene loves the foster babies so, so much. They love her too, especially Maddie.

I was watching her play with them today. The itty bitties were doing their slow, low, belly crawl followed by a pounce towards Charlene. She pretended to be startled by them and would do an exaggerated leap into the air. She let the kittens chase her through the house, going just fast enough to keep ahead of them, but not so fast they would feel defeated. Maybe I am reading too much into her actions, but it really did seem as though these were self-esteem boosting exercises for the kitties. It's kind of like how my grandpa would let me win at checkers, even though he could beat me with his eyes closed.

Charlene is the best big sister to these babies. I am so proud of my girl !


  1. I've been reading this blog ever since you were linked on Cute Overload last week, and it is far and away the cutest kitty blog, IMHO. Even cuter than You provide such a wonderful service to these animals, and to all of us by posting such adorable photos!

  2. I completely agree with acacia. I've been reading since it was linked to, and I just love this blog. I love what you do for these kitties and I hope that some day I can do the same. :):)

  3. Also have been following this blog daily and spreading the word. :) Im from Seattle and will be looking forward to adopting through this blog in the near future. Really appreciate what you are doing for these kittens. :))))

  4. I'm addicted as well (also from Cute.overload) those pictures are literally worth a thousand words! Thank you so much - you brighten my day.


  5. Oh my gosh...that is sooo cute! Charlene is such a patient cat. I can only hope that Roary is the same way with his new sister:)

  6. From the look of Charlene in the picture, I'd say you are right about her reactions. I thought it was her kitten besides her, not a foster one. You are lucky to have her.

  7. thanks for spreading the word sirio !

    sarah - i'm sure roary will do just fine with her new sister.. whichever one you decide on !

    thank you krissy, acacia and geckodani!

    verobirdie,,, we are lucky to have her. she really does help tremendously !

  8. I love your blog, but this post in particular is wonderful, where you talk about your cat playing with the kittens. She probably is handicapping herself while she plays.. it is what good, stable adults of most species do when they play with youngn's. We see it with dogs all the time :D



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