Monday, October 15, 2007

Once Upon a Time...

springtime charlene
charlene in a stocking cap/sleeping bag
Here are a couple of pictures of Charlene Butterbean in her itty bitty kitty days. As you may know, she was fostered by Kim and her roommate at the time, Sarah. She was my introduction to the world of foster kittens. Charlene was only a couple of days old when we met her, and by far the itty bittiest kitty I have seen. She was about 5 weeks in these photos. It's hard to believe she was ever that small. She's such a giant in comparison to our current IBKC.


  1. She says "HALP I HAVS NO MOUF!"

  2. I'm in love with Charlene Butterbean and I hope you never take her baby picture off this blog (especially the one in the blanket). I've decided that the answer to the world's problems is for all of us to behave toward each other as CB does toward the IBKs. I will try to channel her!

  3. awwe thanks anne. the funny thing is, charlene is sooo loving towards the kitties , but she can a little agressive towards humans at times. she's so sweet and kind to us, but if a stranger tries to pet her, look out... the claws come out ! she is getting better though, thanks to the kitties.
    charlene lost her only sibling when they were just a few days old, so she was raised without littermates. because of this, she didn't learn her social skills early on. the kitties have really helped her with that though. she's really a better cat because of them. it's really amazing to watch them interact with her and she with them.



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