Saturday, October 6, 2007

Need a Sweet Pea? Or Two?

Chip and Stewart
Well, here ya go ! Fellow foster mom Sue, has four fabulous kittens available for adoption. I got a chance to hang with these darlings yesterday. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS !!!! Any interested parties in the Seattle/Tacoma area, shoot me an email and I will connect you with her.

This is what Mama Sue has to say about her wee ones:

All these kitties are sweet, sweet, sweet, loving and playful, and get along great with other kitties. When they’ve exhausted themselves with frivolity, they want to sleep on your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. You must let them.

They are used to a quiet household, but I'm sure they'd adapt to a more lively one. They would just need some time to adjust.

Violet (above) is definitely the fairer sex in the bunch. She’s gentle, fun-loving, a follower, not a leader. And she loves to nurse on any other kitty that will hold still for it – on the head, back, shoulder, wherever. She has just a touch of dilute tortie in her coloring.

Stewart (above) is boisterous, playful, the classic mischievous kitten, and a snuggler when he’s sleepy. He’s the biggest guy of the bunch, and elegantly handsome! He’d be a wonderful lifetime companion for Morty. He has a zig zag tail “dipped in sugar”.

Morty (above) is gentle; a sweet, loving spirit; and “meeps” when he finds himself alone in a room. He wants one of his siblings to be adopted with him so that doesn’t happen. Stewart would be a good choice. They’re wonderful playmates. Morty likes to carry a toy mouse around by the tail! He’s soft as a cotton ball and has only half a tail, but it’s the good half!

Chip (a-Dee-Do-Dah) (above) purrs pretty much non-stop. A happy, happy boy. He likes “rings” cut from cardboard paper towel tubes and carries them around in his mouth. He wants to snuggle on your lap or shoulder when it’s nap time. He’s an independent guy and would probably be fine as an only kitty – as long as he’s spoiled with lots of human love.


  1. wow ! those kitties are so cute. i wish i had room for another one in our house. we are maxed out !

  2. What gorgeous kittens! I wish I could adopt them all. Stupid allergies.

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  4. All your kittens are absolutely precious. Do you do anything in the South Florida area? :P

    I want to put my face in them and just cuddle. Ahh~

  5. Aww these are lovely, what great kittens.



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