Monday, October 29, 2007

Can You Guys Keep it Down Please... I've Got a Bit of a Headache...

You hit the bottle pretty hard last night, maybe you have a bit of a milk hangover ?

Yes, Willamena is back on the bottle again. We had weaned all the kitties, but Willamena just wasn't gaining weight as quickly as the others, so we've been giving her a bottle every night. It seems to be really helping, she's plumped up a bit already.

She's still tiny in comparison to the others, but the difference isn't as extreme. Grow Willamena, grow!!


  1. ZOMG you're killing me with those pictures. I just want to squash them! XD

  2. I hope Willamena is getting all her nutrients and will plump up soon!

  3. Oh no! Not precious little Willamena! Tell her I'm pulling for her. And bravo to you for taking such great care of her!

  4. Miss Willamena is doing great. You can tell she's getting bigger everyday ! It's quite remarkable.

  5. This picture is too cute! You must spend a lot of time watching them!
    Hope Willamena will gain weight quickly, she is so sweet.



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