Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Steps, Baby Leaps

All Four Foster Babies

The kitties are changing so quickly. This weekend they accomplished so much. First with their litter box training, which they have nearly mastered now. The remaining challenge is keeping them from walking through the box, if they aren't using the box. They step in the poo and track it, and the litter, all over the house and each other.

Secondly, they are moving on to solid foods ! Sunday, I put their wet food out on a plate, and they dove right in, literally.... noses, mouths, paws, tails and all. After they figured out they weren't supposed to eat the plate, they slurped up almost all the food in front of them. They spent the next ten minutes licking it off each other's faces. I spent the next 15 minutes wiping down the rest of their little bodies and cleaning up foody footprints.

It's a very messy phase, but it's exciting to witness all of these milestones in their lives.

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  1. God bless you for being the caring, loving Mom you are.



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