Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wendell and Mitzy Need You !!!

wendell and mitzy

Tomorrow is the BIG day. All of the IBKC will be going in to Met Vet to have their itty bitty bits removed. They'll need a few days to recover, but next week they will be officially ready to go.

Reva and Rex have found a home, but Mitzy and Wendell are still looking. They would really, really love to go together. They are such close kitties. They spend so much time cuddling and playing together. For the right situation, they would consider splitting up. But really, the best situation is that they go together.

I swear, It really is easier having two kittens. Kittens can get bored pretty fast, which inevitably leads to trouble. When they have a playmate, they never get bored, so they never get into trouble, right? Well,, they get into considerably less trouble. Most importantly, they don't get lonely while we're off earning money to buy cat food and toys for them.

Soooooo..... interested parties please shoot us an email and we can arrange a meet and greet.




  1. You're totally right about needing to have two cats. They seem to be much more people-friendly when they have another cat to pal around with than when they are the lone pet, expected to do all the entertaining.
    I used to have two that were sisters and they did everything together (including sleep, which made them look a lot like a pair of slippers) and were much lower maintenance than having just one.
    So I really really really hope Mitzy and Wendell get to stick together!!

  2. Oh my a pair of kitten slippers ! I love the image of that!



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