Saturday, September 1, 2007

We call her "The Rooster"

drewster's puddle of paws

There is another cat in our family. We call her "The Rooster". She came with the name Drewey, or Drew for short. We were never that fond of her name, So Drewey became The Drewster, then The Rooster, and that stuck. Sometimes we call her Roost for short. Sometimes it's Drewski.

The Rooster is originally from Martha's Vineyard. She rode across the country in the cab of a pick-up truck with our former landlord, Michael. He was heading out west to live with us for the summer and do some repairs on the house.

Somewhere in the midwest, Michael stopped at a rest area. Drewey jumped out of the truck and dashed into the woods. Michael was afraid to go looking for her because he had heard stories about men doing things with other men in the woods at rest areas. Being the homophobic he was, he was concerned that if he called "Drew", people would think he was calling for his male lover. Kind of silly, yes. Thankfully, Michael waited in his truck until Drewey returned 12 hours later, and they continued on to Seattle.

Drewey was the first cat I ever lived with. Growing up, we always had dogs. I'll admit, at first, I only pretended to like her. I thought it would be the best thing to do in this awkward living situation with our landlord. It didn't take long before she won my affection. As the summer was winding down, I admitted to Michael that I was going to miss Drewey when she left. He said was thinking he about continuing his travels, and thought it might be easier without her. (especially after the rest area incident) He said he would consider leaving her with us.

So at the end of summer I asked if we could keep her and thankfully, he said yes. She's been with us for 14 years now.

Drewey really doesn't give a rat's a** about the itty bitty kitties. In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid them. Charlene is about all the kitten she can tolerate.

Though if it weren't for Drewey, I would of most likely remained a "dog person" and may have never had the opportunity to know the fabulous itty bitty kitties.
Thanks, Roost !

That 70's Cat


  1. awww, sweet little cranky drewey...

  2. Drewey is a good lookin' kitty and at this point in life being moody is just fine

    She could be the Kitty Curmudgeoness!

  3. My cousin introduced me to your blog, and I've been looking back at these old posts today. I couldn't believe it when I finally saw pictures of Drewey, and she looks so much like my own kitten. We just adopted Llewellyn last November, and he will be 1 year August 21. He has the white paws, and white on the face (though he has a bit of a stripe going up his nose). He even has the cream color along the white on his tummy. Also, your Charlene looks like a combination of my mum's two cats, a long hair Siamese and a snow shoe Siamese (Murphy and Molly), whose mother was a black and white barn cat found in the country! Anyway, I love your blog, all of your kittens are adorable, their names are adorable, and I hope you are enjoying your kitties!



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