Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow We Say Goodbye

Wendell at two and a half months.
chubby foster
Wendell at three weeks.

Thanks to Julia at Met Vet, Wendell has officially found a home. She connected us with a super sweet couple in need of a fuzzy boy kitten. We had the meet and greet this afternoon. It was quite obvious that his new mama, was instantly smitten with our boy. I know he's going to get oodles of love.

By chance, it just so happens that Wendell will be moving in next door to our friends Jessica and Abhi. Jessica met the IBKC a few weeks back. She too was wooed by this charming boy. She will be thrilled, I am sure, to know Wendell will be moving in next door.

So tomorrow we'll pack his suitcase and send Wendell on his way. Gulp.

Sweet, sweet Wendell Jefferson Hopps, we are going to miss you so much. Be a good little dumpling, OK? Mind your mama. Don't climb the drapes. Be kind to your new sister. AND no death-defying leaps off the backs of chairs.

Oh,, and don't forget to write, please.

1 comment:

  1. What good news! Only one itty bitty to go, right?

    And it'll be nice that he'll have friends as neighbors and a new sister to plot and play with.

    You're brave to take these kittens in knowing that you're not going to be their forever staff.



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