Monday, September 24, 2007

Kitty Updates !!!!


We had the pleasure of visiting Mr Wendell J Hopps in his home today. It was so great seeing the little man again. He had grown quite a bit since his departure last weekend.

He seems to be settling in just fine. When we arrived he was napping in his little bed atop a dresser in the bedroom. Wendell seemed so comfortable and content. It was like he had lived there all of his life.

He woke up and joined us in the living room for a a play session. We watched him scoot around the hardwood floors with a paper ball. He was having a blast.

We got to meet Fluffy, his beautiful new sister. They aren't best friends yet, but they are making lots of progress. Wendell brushed up against her when she entered the room. If it were up to him, they would be romping and wrestling. She's still getting used to him and his kitten energy. It shouldn't be too much longer before Wendell gets his wish.

Mitzy met her Daddy on Saturday. It was clear he was smitten with her.

From her new home, she'll have a view of Lake Union in Seattle. She'll be able to watch the boats come and go from her window perch. She'll be living above where her daddy works. so he'll be able to check on her throughout the day. Mitzy's got it made.

I got an email from Reva and Rex's new mama. It sounds like they are doing great too. They have their own bedroom with lots soft places to sleep and toys to play with. There are plenty of good window ledges to sleep on and spy from in their new home. Most importantly, they are getting plenty of love.

We are so grateful that all the IBKC found such wonderful homes with such kind parents. Thank you so much to all the new moms and daddies for taking them in. The kitties are all so lucky to have you !

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