Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey Wake Up Reva ! There's Something Important We Need to Tell You.

reva nodding off

We got some really exciting news today. Reva and Rex have found a home! A friend of a friend had forwarded a link to the IBKC blog to their friend. She contacted me, requesting me a meet and greet with R and R. The meeting went great and she emailed me today to let me know that she wanted to adopt the pair. I am so happy they are going together. And I am even happier they are going to a wonderful home!

They will get spayed and neutered this Friday, and the following week they will pack their little bags and move into their new home.

I am thrilled, of course,,, but I must admit, I am a little sad too. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to this very special pair of kitties. They really are the best.


  1. My eyes got wet when I read that...

  2. Wonderful!!! Congratulations to you, the adopter, and of course Rex and Reva.



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