Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here We Go Again !


Guess what we got yesterday. Another round of itty bitty kitties!! There are four of them total, all girls. According to the Humane Society, they are 3 weeks old.

Good golly they are cute !

This little one, we are calling her lambchop for now, has the funniest fur coat. Her hair is the texture of one of those sheepskin car seat covers ( thus the nickname). There's also a solid black one, a gray and black tabby, and a tortie! I'll post more pics of them shortly.

Start thinking of some cute girlie names. We are open to suggestions.


  1. She looks like a Delia to me.

    For other feminine names, how about: Tasha, Ivy, Angela, Pammie, Julie, Jenny, Leila, Carol, Mimi, Franca, Sara, Leslie, Paulette, Diane, Melissa, Deborah, Nefertiti, Aya, Carmencita, Sancia, Jeanne, Winifred, or Phyllis?

  2. Yippee! She is so cute! I love the name Dahlia, like the flower! Or Lilly is cute too! Bella or Belle.
    -Sarah Lynch



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