Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good Golly Miss Lottie !




That's right ! This kitty has a name. Allow me to introduce you to Miss Lottie Bouvier. You can call her lambchop if you like. She still has that fuzzy sheep skin coat.

Today was a spa day for Lottie. She was getting to be quite the crusty little kitten, so she got a bath and blow dry. She didn't make a single peep. I think she really seemed to enjoy it. Afterward, we wrapped her in a soft blankie and she took a nice long nap.

We're still finalizing the other kitty names. As soon as we do, we'll announce them.


  1. ahhh, what pretty little kitty burrito!
    i think my ella probably looked like miss lottie when she was a beebie. :)



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