Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kitty Crush

rexwhat are you thinking, rex?

I can't say I favor one of the itty bitties over another. They are all pretty fabulous, each in their own special way. I would say, however, in this moment, I have a kitty crush on Rex. I think I have a crush on him, because he makes me feel like he has a crush on me.

When I open their bedroom door in the morning, the kitties spring out. Reva, Mitzy and Wendell make a mad dash for their awaiting breakfast, but Rex makes a dash for me. It melts me, I swear. He choses me over breakfast, everyday, and I know he's hungry.

I don't kid myself. I am pretty sure he would do the same to whom ever it was that opened the door . I am just saying that Rex's gift is his ability to make you feel like you are the chosen one. I think that's pretty fabulous.

1 comment:

  1. omg it's 2:34 am and i can't stop looking at your itty bitty kitty photos! soo cute!!....Rex is soo sweet... :)

    my cat misty is resting her chin on my typing hand..dozing's time for bed~

    thanks for sharing your stories..



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