Monday, August 20, 2007

hello old friend


we had some very special visitors this weekend. original IBKC members penny and pierre, along with my friend saya and her niece emi, stopped by for the afternoon. emi and her family adopted p and p in late june. this was the first we had seen them since they left us. p and p looked so healthy and happy. it was quite evident that they receive a lion's share of care and love from their family.

charlene seemed to remember them both. they all bumped noses and greeted each other. charlene even gave pierre a bath, just like old times. we introduced them to the foster babies. there was a little puffing out and hissing, but generally, all the kitties and cats seemed comfortable.

there was a lot of giggling too. emi squealed with joy at the first site of the babies. then she giggled and giggled and giggled as they ran around and climbed over us. i remember when we first brought p and p to meet their new family. emi was pretty timid and nervous around the kittens. it was so great to see how comfortable she was handling p and p and all the babies now.

kim, craig and i marveled at how large p and p had become. even emi was surprised how big they were compared to the itty-bitties. she picked up a baby and said "this is like air". then she picked up pierre and a baby and said " this is pierre plus air". it's true, in comparison, they do feel like air.

it was so great seeing p and p again. it's kind of funny, but in a way i think i miss them less now than before. i guess i was missing who they were when they were ours. now that i've seen them again and i realize they are different cats, i can't miss them the same way. i think it's good though. the reunion offered a little closure.

pierre above, penny below. what beauties they've become !

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  1. awww, they've grown up to be such pretty kitties!



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