Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the Foster Program - $2500 challenge on the 25th for 25 hours

At our shelter, there are over a hundred active foster families.  During the heat of kitten season, May through September, roughly 33 litters of kittens get placed into foster homes each week - some with their moms, some are orphaned.  The average litter size is 3 - 4 kittens.  

Adult cats are fostered too when they need time to recover from an injury or illness (like a highly contagious upper respiratory infection) or if they just need to spend some time working on their social skills. It frees up space at the shelter and makes room for more cats and kittens. And this time of year, there are ALWAYS more cats and kittens.

Fostered cats and kittens tend to be happier, healthier and better-adjusted pets. So, when they return to the shelter after being fostered and are put up for adoption, they get adopted quickly and the likelihood of them being returned is very, very low.  

A lot of kittens and cats go through this foster system each year, and with each kitten and cat, there are expenses.

Today, all of the money we raise will go to support our foster program - something we care about dearly.

The money will be used for things like kitten formula, bottles and syringes,  bedding and crates, vaccines, flea treatment, heating pads, and medical expenses.

It will also help purchase items for "kitten care kits" for the foster families.

It is the foster department's dream to send a care kit home with every foster family. These kits would contain a scale, bedding, litter, nutritional supplements and pro-biotics, a foster handbook, a litter pan,  and other items that they would keep and re-use with each litter.   The price of each care kit is about $50, and they're hoping to create enough kits for all the active foster families and have a few on-hand for future families too.

Our friend Wendy, who was our Tea with Bean winner last year, cares deeply about the foster program. She fosters too, for another shelter in our area, and here is her adorable foster babe, Pansy.

Because Wendy cares so much about the foster program and the cats and kittens it helps, she wanted to offer up an awesome $2,500 matching donation challenge today to help fund this program.

Starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time,  for the next 25 hours, every dollar you donate will go right to the foster program.   Wendy will double your dollars until we reach the $2,500 cap.

25 hours.  $2,500 challenge.  On the 25th.  25 days left until we walk the walk.

So, if you donate $50, which buys a kitten care kit,  Wendy will match that, and we'll have enough for  TWO kits.    If we meet this matching donation challenge, when Wendy doubles those dollars, we will have raised enough to assemble 100 care kits filled with these crucial supplies!

This program is near and dear to our hearts, and I hope you'll chose to support it today.  

To make a tax-deductible donation, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page.

Thank you so much for listening to our many pleas, thank you for giving and supporting us in so many ways.  And thank you, Wendy, for offering up this very generous challenge.  


  1. Thank you to Wendy for such generosity!

  2. Pansy is such a cutie pie! and Wendy, you are fabulous!!!


  3. Thank you for your generosity Wendy!

    And hey, Bean -- why don't you throw in a few Bean-approved sparkle balls into every one of the kitten care kits!

  4. Oy, Pansy is an adorable bit of fluff!
    Wendy - MANY MANY Thanks for your awesome support!

  5. Where can we read about this little doll baby Pansy, is there a web site. Sweet little faaaaace!




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